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For My Sweetheart

Product Description

A truly romantic gesture - a dozen luxury red roses and luscious foliage wrapped in decadent packaging with a vase included. 

Choose the Deluxe option and we'll add a touch of sparkle to your gift too. 

There will be a small amount of water in the vase for transportation purposes and the recipient is advised to top the vase up with water immediately. We recommend that the recipient then replenishes the water in the vase every two days using the flower food provided and keeps their flowers away from direct heat, sunlight and fruit. 

COVID-19 information: same-day delivery may not always be available so please be mindful of this when placing your order. All flowers delivered will have contactless delivery whereby the driver knocks the door/phones the recipient and leaves the flowers in the doorway. In accordance with government guidelines, we are not able to leave the flowers with a neighbour. If you wish to discuss any element of your order, please phone us on 01685871952 where we can still take calls. 

NB: A £4.25 service fee is applied at checkout by our website provider for hosting our online shop and processing the transaction. We do not receive this fee.

For My Sweetheart

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