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Florist's Choice Casket Spray

Product Description

Our Florist's Choice Casket Sprays are beautiful and are a popular option customers choose for the final farewell. Our talented florist will create a bespoke casket spray in colours suitable for a lady (typically either pinks, purples, yellows, white) or for a gentleman (typically either oranges, reds, yellows, white) incorporating seasonal green foliages. Examples of our work can be found in our gallery.

The various price points offered reflect the different sized sprays available i.e. higher values will reflect size of spray/variety of flowers used. If known, please include the length of the casket or height of deceased in "special requests" to enable us to adapt the spray accordingly


NB: A £4.65 service fee is applied at checkout by our website provider for hosting our online shop and processing the transaction. We do not receive this fee.

Florist's Choice Casket Spray

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