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Florist's Choice Wreath

Product Description

When it comes to saying goodbye to a loved one, we do our best to create tributes that convey love, sympathy and respect.

Our Florist's Choice Wreath tribute is created by our talented florist and will have a massed base made from white chrysanthemums and a beautiful cluster of blooms in colours which will be chosen suitable for a lady or gentleman. You can select the colour of the ribbon edging that goes around the edge of the wreath by specifying this in "special requests" e.g. Pale blue ribbon or red ribbon. You may view examples of our work by visiting our gallery.

The various price points offered reflect the different sized wreaths available i.e. the higher the value, the larger the wreath will be.

NB: A £4.65 service fee is applied at checkout by our website provider for hosting our online shop and processing the transaction. We do not receive this fee.

Florist's Choice Wreath

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